Question & Answer 1 – Robert Peake

Question 1

This is a line,
this is another,
this is a third,
now form a career
based upon hyperbole
and a weak [at
best] attitude to correcting
their assumptions.

Never a writer,
always a showman [at
best]. Let John Holstrom
copy Will Eisner
in creating a road

to ruin, built on family
matters. I heard
about the
Easter Bunny,
did you? I mean,
it’s a pretty

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

Yes, I heard. In the mumbling of crickets. Tell them
to make a career of chanting, and let the stars hold up
their placards, eject a weak link from the grasslands.

I pour the antidote into a blue glass of milk, carry it
down the aisle. Bystanders consider this performance art.
Draw back the veil and kiss me under the flash bulb.

I can always say I was joking, say it wasn’t really me.
In these parts, they beat court jesters, don’t they?
My motto: all truth, all slant, all the time.

Or your money back.

– Robert Peake