Question & Answer 1 – Cheryl Quimba

Question 1

I am the board
in a maternal zero-sum game,
push net into my brothers’ bank accounts.
We had no disagreement point,
no way to resolve our genes
without calling in the armed guards.

I wish it had been stochastic,
actions by nature. Do you roll the dice?
Do you call the odds
when Taleb’s black swan theory
throws up double sixes.
Hail mary. Hail luck. Hail loss.

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

Remember that day
when I rounded the corner
to jump into the waiting
getaway car
and you weren’t there only
candy bar wrappers
on the sidewalk a couple
dented soda cans clumps
of dead grass
I was panting kept
looking over my shoulder
ran across the street
and down the block just
in case and it was so hot
the sun rising in a perfectly
cloudless sky
it wasn’t even
summer yet no kids
jumping like jelly beans
in the streets do you
remember because
that day you were not

– Cheryl Quimba