Question & Answer 1 – Stephanie Barber

Question 1

If John Darnielle’s heart
is an autoclave, sterile,
blood, foam – I’m striving
to learn and autoclave
my mind. I know there
are hydraulic valves in
there, pulsating geogemma
barosii, but I can es em
quu the warrants. Wipe
the continental shelf from
my future, ensure memetic-
free offspring. Kras-act
for a clear encephalon. Would
you find the eternal sunshine,
or live with the moon, no
matter how dark?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

thank you for asking and, yes, this is true.

too true.

you are correct in your assumption that my heat is small.
but as you have surmised this time is delusional when deprived of light.

many is the time i’ve mooned away the legalese in favor of sorry solitude.
no redundant springs promising jazz.
no inverted shadows which bounce from christianity to islam like so many tired wet fingers.
no hope that fulgence doth salvation precede.

– Stephanie Barber