Question & Answer 1 – Todd Swift

Question 1

4334 west of the sunset,
the sky opens up the void
of Puente, Elysian, Repetto.
Spread the nape of nature
across the arc of some song. Do
you repeat the chord  sequence
Todd? Are you transient in

“Kin selection theory supports
the arrival of diluted blood”
from the tongue of water
pythons. Coiled on other eggs,
or Molothrus Rufoaxillaris.
Cry racist epitaphs for bed,
hum the alphabet, ignore
my letters.

Not Bharata-Nyatam, eight
hours of the wrong chord.
Convert electric for the brain,
paint lucky three on synapses,
sleep under a veil of malic
acid. Cry 4334 west of sunset,
chord progression from wine
to waste.

– Aaron  Kent

Answer 1


Chords get tangled,
The blue in the offer,
Which was virgin.
I am not a forgetter,

Retain, water-based,
Too much. Complex
Words are only less
Complex words

Engendered. Do you
Endanger new music
When you invariably
Echo Gary Numan?

His chameleons
Bled out colourfield
For me. I saw
In Paris Rothko

And was awedled.
Puns were repellent
Until Bernstein
Said go forth

And Stultify.
Spoonerism anthology
More like. Some Muldoon.
My forebears were

Predatory, T-Rex
Gonged, banged,
Tangled up in tree.
I don’t take well

To being called on
To make replies
On the telephone.
They orgied,

Roger that, these
Monogamous poets,
But not monogamous
In less than triplicate;

Coke addled,
Addled Stevenson;
Awfully good to meet
Rothko, in his vast

Sense of pause.
Your numbers,
And a diction of cartography
Is all Nam to me.

I am clicks from base.
It’s drones now,
Soon super-

You will be replaced
By an exact replica
And no one will say
Other than that

At reception. So, no,
I do not totally
Repeat totally
Recall the time we tangoed

In Saigon, with the
Sisters and the blow.
Blowback, eventually,
All wet work has a tongue

And groove network;
And she did kill
The stooge in the photo;
And I was there echo one

Charlie Bravo; but never
Myself, alone, alive-O.

Todd Swift