Question & Answer 2 – Rupert Loydell

Question 2

Laments +
failed to resonate with me –
because I seek to understand
why the notches on bark are still
so tender, rather than to examine
the shape and call it nature.
What do you search for
in using your

– Aaron Kent

Answer 2

I search for awkward
-ness and surprise,
strange contrasts
and juxtapositions,
ways to re- and de-
contextualise all
the noise around us.

It’s more of a filter
than a search,
there’s so much
language in the air
I find it hard to
listen or to hear.

Parataxis. Collage.
Words as dodgems:
bumping and bruising
each other; atoms
spinning, invisible.
Parts put together
to make wholes.

– Rupert Loydell