Question & Answer 1 – Rupert Loydell

Question 1

I am wasting away, baking under
that halogen moon
with the flowers crowing
at my feet. And the cats.
And the coats. And

perched on a floor of bacteria,
breaking my back for
a chance to catch the rain.
There are better ways to
find inspiration. There are better

ways to kill my demons
than flogging my working-class
lifestyle to within an inch of
its stereotypes. Where do you exi
st? How do you find inspiration?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

I exist where I am,
am worn out from trying
to be otherwise.
Inspiration is a state
of mind not a moment
to aspire to. I believe
in processes and forms,
poems triggered by
overheard words
or something strange
in the news, a blue
in the corner of my eye.
I work to make words work
then use the cat to calm me
when the world gets too much.

– Rupert Loydell