Question & Answer 1 – Siddhartha Bose

Question 1

I gave seven years
to some vengeful God
and killed my loneliness
with the future of the wrong
way round. I aimed my intentions
at a brick wall
and sung every second
on the day I finally left. What was
your biggest moment of relief?

– Aaron Kent

Answer 1

Drift and desire. Cutting the cord,
burning the oil. Crossing oceans,
learning the language of being
alone, filthy and desolate, in
foreign lands. Staring at the
sun, straight in the eye– I wrote
this for a colossal friend, who made the
sun bend in the rain–and now, I say it
of myself, as I look back on the wreckage
of bones, of fabled cities, of memories
so far away, I write them down, in oil and

– Siddhartha Bose